5. Oxford Medical Clinic (Kiev/Lviv)

Privately run health center with 27 sites throughout the country. Multi-specialty practice, fully furnished and equipped with all up-to-date screening tests and immunizations.

Public Fund

a. Voucher System… Through charitable contributions, TAMRF will create a public fund that will disperse funds through special vouchers which will offer the recipient a predetermined amount (40 US dollars) to focus on preventative annual visits (including screening tests and immunizations). Based on current prices, private centers charge 700-800 hryvnas (30 US dollars)

b. Subsidize equipment for the practice. TAMRF will raise funds to acquire new equipment for the center we are partnering with. Items such as a mammogram or hysteroscopy tower may be obtained (subsidy) and a portion of the reimbursements would be attributed to the public fund.

c. Education. TAMRF will provide Doctors from the United States to travel and train Ukrainian providers in techniques and procedures that your practice deems necessary ( regardless of specialty). In exchange, consultation fees would be waived and would be applied to the Public Fund

Contact Tatjana Alexandra: [email protected], and Olga Saayan: [email protected]