TAMRF Annual Fundraising Event

A Night of Giving…

Wanting in a Land of Plenty

We live in advancing times. Our progressions have led to longer lives, falling mortality rates and a global population that has risen exponentially over the past century. Much of that comes from an industry that has provided an increase in the amount of food and water available to populations that would historically not have the access to basic lifesaving nutritional needs. Our understanding of human rights dictates that access to appropriate nutrition should grant all human beings the right to have a nutritious meal for themselves and their loved ones. However, despite this abundance in foodstuffs, populations are continuously suffering. Malnutrition is at epidemic levels affecting tens of millions of citizens globally. Children and geriatric populations bear the effects of malnutrition with greater rates of complications. In NYC, it is estimated that 45% of households may not have the means to properly feed their families. Approximately more than one million New Yorkers face hunger each year. What is most ironic is the level of food waste that New Yorkers and Americans participate in annually. According to the Department of Agriculture, billions of dollars in food is wasted every year. Much of this waste comes from daily households purchasing too much and not eating everything that is on their plate. Our restaurants bear a large proportion of this problem. Restaurants represent the largest share of food waste commercially. It is estimated that restaurants contribute to a half a million tons of food waste. This not only has an impact on the health of fellow new Yorkers but also on the environment. The carbon footprint alone is massive and will continue to affect us and future generations. WE ALL HAVE A DUTY TO FIGHT THIS CURRENT CRISIS.

On May 14, 2019, Chateau de Capitaine in association with the Trans-Atlantic Medical relief Foundation will be hosting an event that will start a sustainable program to counter the effects of food waste. It is our hope that this collaborative effort with Trinity Rescue NYC will provide an ongoing partnership to combat this unnecessary disposal of food for those groups that need it most. This ongoing cooperation will also include a communal receptacle that will offer the public a chance to provide for those in the community who may need non-perishable food items more than they do. We look forward to what we hope will be a longstanding and continuous relationship and become active participants in the fight against this growing problem. Please join us and become a part of the fight against food waste and hunger. This entertaining and informative event will give attendees an opportunity to participate in a wonderful cause while enjoying a unique culinary experience, a prize fighting event and an international music scene that will keep everyone dancing the night away. We hope to see you there. Information and tickets are available at TAMRF.eventbrite.com