Current Projects

1. Center For Reproductive Medicine And Perinatalogy

Maternity hospital focusing on high risk obstetrical care, in vitro fertilization and gynecological oncology.

a. Obstetrics

  • acquisition and distribution of the influenza vaccination. This would be performed during the flu season annually. Based on the incidence rates of 2015 where 600 of the 1200 deliveries were affected by influenza I believe this may be a benefit, particularly in the HIV population
  • acquisition and distribution of medications that are vitally important during obstetrical emergencies. This may include uterotonics (Oxytocin, misoprostol, carboprost, methylergonovine) and magnesium sulfate. Maternal Mortality is nearly twice that of the US mortality rate and postpartum hemorrhage along with HIV appear to be major contributors
  • educational programs that will help introduce drills that pertain to obstetrical emergencies (shoulder dystocia, postpartum hemorrhage)

b. Gynecology

  • redevelop laparoscopic program by modernizing existing equipment while also bringing physicians abroad to train in modern laparoscopic techniques.

c. Neonatal intensive care unit

  • The acquisition and distribution of four incubators as well as ventilators for the use of oxygen support for neonates in respiratory distress

d. Education

  • Attend annual conference to present various educational topics for physicians upon request by the institution.

Contact: Dr Anatoly Kaminsky (e-mail: [email protected]), Dr Vyachesalv Kaminsky (e-mail: [email protected])

2. Small Heart With Art (Hiv Chariity)

National charity focusing on children affected by HIV. Objectives include therapy, social and financial support.

a. Prevention-Development of a program that provides condoms and clean needles/syringes to those populations that have the greatest risk of transmission (IV drug abusers and sex workers).

b. Screening-Acquisition and Distribution of a rapid HIV screening test

c. Treatment-Initiation of a cost effective ART program that reaches the 3000 children living with HIV today. This program would be run by a infectious disease specialist who would determine the most effective, cost conscious cocktail. Interest in traveling to the country would be possible to train providers in the most up to date regimens and monitoring algorithms.

d. Immunizations-Address the need of a program that would benefit those children infected by HIV. The immunizations would center around influenza, HPV, Tdap and Pneumococcal.

Contact: Evgenia Smirnova (e-mail: [email protected])

3. Anatevka Settlement Project

Refugee settlement started in 2015. Occupying 12 acres (5 hectare) of farmland, Rabbi Moshe Azman is raising funds (privately and through government subsidy) for the establishment of a settlement that will allow space for 500 people (Jewish, Eastern Orthodox). Currently the settlement has 70 people residing. Since the start, Anatevka has built a school, residential homes and a synagogue. Currently a health facility is being constructed which will have a rehabilitation center, a senior living center and a family health center.

a. Furnish and equip the two room family health center. Equipment resources will focus on preventative services (screening tests, immunization, education resources)

b. Patient exam bed (2), cabinetry, blood pressure monitor, glucometer, thermometer, otoscope, stethoscope, colposcopy, sonogram, vaccinations… etc

c. Contact: Rabbi Moshe Azman (e-mail: [email protected])

d. Sponsoring Rabbi Azman to travel to New York in the spring for fundraising campaign.

4. Oxford Medical Clinic (Kiev/Lviv)

Privately run health center with 27 sites throughout the country. Multi-specialty practice, fully furnished and equipped with all up-to-date screening tests and immunizations.

Public Fund

a. Voucher System… Through charitable contributions, TAMRF will create a public fund that will disperse funds through special vouchers which will offer the recipient a predetermined amount (40 US dollars) to focus on preventative annual visits (including screening tests and immunizations). Based on current prices, private centers charge 700-800 hryvnas (30 US dollars)

b. Subsidize equipment for the practice. TAMRF will raise funds to acquire new equipment for the center we are partnering with. Items such as a mammogram or hysteroscopy tower may be obtained (subsidy) and a portion of the reimbursements would be attributed to the public fund.

c. Education. TAMRF will provide Doctors from the United States to travel and train Ukrainian providers in techniques and procedures that your practice deems necessary ( regardless of specialty). In exchange, consultation fees would be waived and would be applied to the Public Fund

Contact Tatjana Alexandra: [email protected], and Olga Saayan: [email protected]