Brooklyn doctor collecting supplies for Ukraine

Mar 27, 2022

Dr. Shawn Yunayev, of the Trans-Atlantic Medical Relief Foundation, has been collecting donations of medical supplies from people all over the country.
The Trans-Atlantic team has gathered over 4,000 pounds of supplies since the Russian invasion began in February. Some of the supplies include sutures, insulin, gauze pads and various medications.

The supplies are getting set to be shipped out and delivered directly to people suffering from the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Dr. Yunayev says these supplies can mean the difference between life and death for those men, women, children and elderly Ukrainians, receiving them.

Dr. Yunayev will host a fundraiser on April 4 in Sheepshead Bay to help provide aide to Ukrainian children.

News 12’s Jordan Kissane is in Mill Basin with the way Dr. Shawn Yunayev is helping to save the lives of those Ukrainians in need.